We host many creative, motivating, educational, and interactive wellness seminars and workshops to inspire our community. Open Heart Yoga can host a workshop which caters specifically to the needs and interests of your organization. All presentations are accompanied with handouts for the attendees containing useful tips and ideas.
Seminars for any groups or organizations:
1. The Brain and Movement: Best Practices"
2. “Best ways to adapt to winter. Keys to Health, Balance and Happiness”
3. “Best ways to adapt to changing seasons. Recommendations for a Joyful and Renewing Spring”
4.Best Stretches for Deskworkers”

Ayurveda Workshops:

1. “Why Do We Behave a Certain Way? Keys to Health, Energy and Balance”
2. Wisdom of Ayurveda: Restore your Balance Health
3.Wisdom ofAyurveda: Nutrition Fundamentals for your Dosha (mind-body constitution)
4. Wisdom of Ayurveda: Seven Secrets of Radiant Health