We host many creative, motivating, educational, and interactive wellness seminars and workshops to inspire our community. Open Heart Yoga can host a workshop which caters specifically to the needs and interests of your organization. All presentations are accompanied with handouts for the attendees containing useful tips and ideas.

Seminars for yoga teachers:
“Creative Ways to Teach Seniors”
“Chair Yoga Dance”
“Yoga and Your Body-Mind Constitution – Customize Your Practice”

Seminars for any groups or organizations:
“Best ways to adapt to winter. Keys to Health, Balance and Happiness”
“Best ways to adapt to changing seasons. Recommendations for a Joyful and Renewing Spring”
“Why Do We Behave a Certain Way? Keys to Health, Energy and Balance”
“Best Stretches for Deskworkers”

For details, please call Olga at (647)-567-0104 for booking and pricing information.