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Chair Yoga Dance DVD

Chair Yoga Dance DVD

“It’s truly beautiful Olga! You are filled with joy and grace. I love to practice along with this video. Hope many more discover the treasure that you are!”
– Monica Cordes

“I just watched the chair yoga dance video and…ended up doing it along on my chair! I love it!!”
– Ivan Funk

“Wonderful!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious, I love it!!!”
– Justine Shelton

“Chair Yoga Dance looks like a fun, creative way to teach seniors! We’ll definitely try it in our chair yoga classes.”
– Yoga East Orlando

“Chair Yoga Dance – such a great way to add more enjoyment to exercise. Thanks so much for this video.”
– Emjaykay46.

“I really need this, I`m 90 and this will be so good for my legs . Can`t wait to do it again- tomorrow that is!”
– Cathy Gehring

“Wonderful… Due to world events, I have been using this song/actions (Stay Strong) this week with most of my classes”.
– Annette Wertman, ARCT. MTA. RYT. MA. Certified Yoga Instructor, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Chair Yoga Dance Workshops

“The teachers were SOOO very excited about the idea of Chair Yoga dance! I know it will blossom so big and so wide! Thank you for being the spark. And now you have passed the baton to many, many teachers so they can shine their unique light on this wonderful movement philosophy!”
– Sherry Zak Morris, CEO, YogaJP.com, Co-Director, YogaVistaAcademy.com Owner, Yoga Vista Studio

“What a unique idea! Excellent presentation – some things I never would have thought about. Just another part of this workshop that makes so great!”

“Olga is brilliant – her light shines brightly this way – a lot of fun. 🙂 I plan on incorporating a few teasers into my classes as well.”

“Absolutely wonderful. Brings tons of ideas! Sherry, thanks for bringing Olga. Olga, great work!”

“Fabulous! Can’t wait to share with my Chair students.”

“Wow! Very innovative and heart filled. I can see how beneficial this can be! More!”

“What a fabulous new surprise – delightful. A ‘how could I not thought of that?’ moment. Olga brought such joy and inspiration. Yea! She’s a ’10’.”

“I have always LOVED dancing and now Olga has merged 2 things I love, Yoga and dance.”

“So fun, so energizing, perfect! Great teaching – telling and showing all the variations. :)”

“I love Olga and her energy! So much fun….I wanna dance.”
-Lucille Aucoin

Teacher Training (Monica and Olga)

“To both of you – I thank you for an awesome course! Both modules 1&2 were so inspirational, mind altering – so full of great knowledge and enjoyment and shared experiences – wow!”
– Barbara Rogina

“Just wanted to thank you and Monica and Olga for such a great senior’s yoga training. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or training. You guys were all amazing!! Thank you for all your help, you really did a lot!”
-Susanna Sapenza

“Wonderful, excellent teaching! Great energy and knowledgeable instructors. Great variety of teaching strategies – A++ Delivery of pedagogy! Relaxed and accepting atmosphere. I am looking forward to Module 2!”.

“A really positive experience. Great energy, timing, organization, snacks :), instructions, material covered – all excellent!”

“This is all excellent! I especially like the group work + sharing, and I am always grateful for the expertise of Monica and Olga.”