Olga DanilevichOlga is an experienced Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, RYT-500, and a professional educator who has been practicing yoga and meditation for about 20 years.

Olga is the founder of Open Heart Yoga, an innovative program that helps participants become stronger, healthier, more flexible, and restores their natural state of harmony, inner peace, and joy.

Olga’s programs integrate various gentle yoga practices designed to enhance general wellbeing and restore balance. Using the time-proven benefits of yoga, the program promotes  reconnection to our inner wisdom using exercise, breath, relaxation, and meditation.

Olga’s interest in the use of yoga as a holistic tool led her to study Phoenix Rising Yoga (a style of yoga that uses classical hatha yoga postures for self-exploration in order to reverse unhealthy physical and psychological habits), Yoga for Emotional Health with Garry Kraftsow, Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl,  Yoga for Seniors, and Restorative Yoga.

Her love of dance inspired Olga to study Yoga Dance for Special Populations with Megha Nancy Buttenheim, the founder of Let Your Yoga Dance.

Gradually, Olga began to develop her own vision for teaching Yoga for Seniors, and created an innovative Chair Yoga Dance program, which has all the elements of a structured yoga class. Music and dance can immediately connect us with our inner joy, which is our true nature.

Chair Yoga Dance helps to improve balance and cardiovascular fitness, develop greater flexibility and increased strength, mobility and visual skills while dancing and having fun! It is perfect for seniors, people with physical limitations, and anyone who wants to infuse joy into exercising.

Olga was a presenter of Chair Yoga Dance at the 2014 Toronto Yoga Conference, and she has just released her first Chair Yoga Dance DVD.

Olga’s Songs and Mantras

Song of Freedom

Lyrics by Olga Danilevich, performed by Margarita Kaschenko

Watch the video here

Open Heart Mantra

Lyrics by Olga Danilevich, performed by Margarita Kaschenko

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