Chair Yoga Dances

What is Chair Yoga Dance?
It is a unique combination of gentle dynamic  yoga postures, cross-patterning movements, stimulating the brain, Tai Chi, rhythmical breath, and elevating, inspiring music and songs.

Why do we combine Yoga and Dance?
Because together they create magic. Yoga nurtures every part of us – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, creating a state of balance, peace, confidence, and openness, so our spirit can shine. Music and dance immediately connect us with our inner joy, which is our true nature.

What are the benefits of a Chair Yoga Dance?
On a physical level it improves balance, cardiovascular fitness, develops greater flexibility, increases strength, mobility, and visual skills. Cross-patterning movements stimulate our brain, bringing right and left brain hemispheres together, and improving memory and concentration.

On an emotional level it helps to release negative, stressful thoughts and feelings, such as sadness, loneliness, and separation, connecting us to our true selves and to those around us, and opening our hearts to receive bliss.

How would you use Chair Yoga Dances?
I like to include two or three dances into my regular Chair Yoga Classes – it makes them so much fun! I am so happy to see the smiles on the faces of participants and to feel their uplifted energy after they dance.

Who would benefit from the Chair Yoga Dances?
They are designed for many different body types and ability levels. If your age requires the support of a chair to exercise – join us! “I love to watch dancing on TV, but I didn’t know that I, too can dance in a chair!”, – said Maggie – a 95-years old yoga student, after she tried a Chair Yoga dance for the first time.

If you have limited mobility due to traumas or health condition  – dance with us!

If you work at a desk all day and need a break to move your body and feel energize – have a Chair Yoga Dance Break!

And don’t be afraid to improvise – let your body and heart lead you. Celebrate your spirit and enjoy your dance! Please contact Olga for upcoming Chair Yoga Dance Workshops!